In 1997 I was honored to be asked to play piano for an amazing group of performers called "The Singing Waiters". For two months we toured parts of Germany and Switzerland and stayed and played in some of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen*. The group sang standards, show tunes and love songs all with energy, class and complex harmonies. They were really good and I'm sure they still are! 

What made the trip even more special was the fact that I was head over heals in love with the soprano of the group - she was beautiful, talented and very lovable - but near the end of the tour I discovered, painfully, that I wasn't the only person to think so - she had a European boyfriend as well. The agony that followed eventually resulted in the birth of a sweet but sadly piney play I called "A Love Song" - which dad said I should rename " 'Schmuck!' because no one could ever believe a man was as stupid as you!" -  I miss you Dad.

He did like the music and now, fifteen years and many drafts later, I 'm hoping he might like the play as well. 

*The Dolder Grand (in Zurich), the most stunning, beautiful, grandest of them all, inspired the setting and is, and forever will be, my Picklehaus. 

It's a work forever in progress - one I truly hope to mount in my lifetime.

In the meantime, here is some music from  "A Love Song" = "Schmuck!" = "Picklehaus" :






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